International Shipping Detail

Shipping Partner

Our Shipping Partners are DHL, Fedex, Aramax.

Shipping Charges

For first 500 gm, charges are $ 15 and then after for every 500 gm, an addition of $ 5.00 will be charged. This will be valid upto 4.99 Kg

For Example :

0-500 gm = $ 15.00
501-1000 gm = $ 20
1001-1500 gm = $ 25 and go on like this upto
4501-4999 gm = $ 60

However from 5 Kg, charges will get calculated in Kg. For First 5 Kg, shipping will be chaged $ 10.00 per Kg. That means for a Parcel of exactly 5 Kg, you will be charged $ 50.00 only. and from then after for every addition of 1 Kg, $ 10 will charged.

For Example :

5.001 - 6 Kg = $ 60
6.001 - 7 Kg = $ 70 and go on like this

The above charges mentioned are of Air courier services and goods will be supplied at your door step.

Mode of Payment

Payments are accepted through     only

Delivery Time

You will receive your order within 3 weeks from order confirmation.

Custom Clearance

All commercial shipments of Artificial / imitation Jewellery & other Art forms from exported out of India are cleared by Indian customs authority. Goods along with proper documentation are filed with the proper officer of Customs for inspection, examination and assessment. Thereafter with the permission of Customs, the goods are handed over to a courier agency for onward dispatch. This process takes 1-2 working days. If there is any Custom duty on Artificial Jewellery in your Country, that will be paid by you. You will be informed the same through us and by Courier company (if there is any). The same charges you have to handover to Courier Delivery executive.


Jewellery section

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Fashion & Pearl Jewellery

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Product Code : TPXE-277
Taj Pearl Gold Tone Royal White Crystal Drop Dangle Earrings
Rs 1000.00 Rs 599.00

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Product Code : TPVN-133
Taj Pearl Gold Plated Jewellery Gorgeous Necklace Set
Rs 1000.00 Rs 599.00
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Product Code : TPPO-074
Taj Pearl Traditional Quality Semi Precious Stone Necklace
Rs 1990.00 Rs 1590.00

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Product Code : TPBS-031
Taj Pearl Modern Silver Oxidized Bracelets
Rs 300.00 Rs 250.00

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Product Code : TPSA-083
Taj Pearl Designer Crystals Silver Plated Anklets
Rs 665.00 Rs 399.00

Rs 126 OFF

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Product Code : TPFR-097
Taj Pearl Purple Pretty Crystal Free Size Adjustable Ring
Rs 425.00 Rs 299.00
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Product Code : TPPS-001
Taj Pearl fashionable Designer Pure Pearl Pendant set
Rs 525.00 Rs 450.00

Rs 201 OFF

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Product Code : TPTR-012
Taj Pearl Silver Plated White Crystals 3 Pairs of Toe Rings
Rs 500.00 Rs 299.00

Rs 201 OFF

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Product Code : TPTR-003
Taj Pearl Silver Oxidized Colored Crystals 3 Pack of Toe Rings
Rs 500.00 Rs 299.00